AqTusheti and Mountains of Tongues present the first annual

Caucasus All Frequency Festival in Omalo, Tusheti, Georgia 

Mountains of Tongues, in partnership with AqTusheti, will host a ten-day workshop and concert series featuring exciting collaborations and knowledge exchange between rural traditional musicians from the Caucasus and experimental musicians from all over the world. Ten traditional musicians from the Caucasus will be chosen by Mountains of Tongues to represent their unique musical voice through performances and masterclasses. There will be an open call for experimental musicians from all over the world (with a special emphasis on those from Tbilisi, Yerevan, Baku, and the North Caucasus): ten applicants will receive a scholarship for free travel, accommodation, and the chance to perform/give workshops about their compositional practices.The week will begin with a traditional artist showcase, recorded separately by each experimental musician.

The following week will feature daily workshops and masterclasses from both the traditional and experimental musicians covering topics such as instrumental techniques, local music history, artist biographies and Q & A sessions, advice on concert booking and promotion, software tutorials, and more.Each evening will showcase 2 to 3 individual artists from the groupThe final weekend will feature an experimental showcase in which new compositions will be premiered. The source of both sounds and inspiration for these new compositions will be from the original traditional music showcase and from various masterclasses throughout the week.

The primary goal of the Caucasus All Frequency Fest is to illustrate the ways in which local music can be preserved and popularized through an engagement between traditional and experimental musicians. The AqTusheti environment will be the perfect atmosphere for this diverse group of musicians to express themselves, educate each other, and raise awareness of their own unique musical voices. Caucasus All Frequency Fest will work to both support traditional musicians and inspire a new generation of creative ones.

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