How Can I Get My First Job At 15?

What’s a good first job for a 14 year old?

Here are a few roles that make great jobs for 14- and 15-year-olds:Barista.Busser.Caddy.Camp counselor.Cashier.Dishwasher.Grocery bagger.Host/hostess.More items…•.

What teenage jobs pay the most?

Here are some of the best-paying jobs for teens today:Caddy.Tutor.Babysitter.Pet Sitter.Landscaper.Lifeguard.Product Merchandiser.Sales Associate.More items…

What jobs do they hire at 15?

Restaurants Which Hire at Age 15Taco Bell.McDonald’s.Dairy Queen.Bruster’s Ice Cream.Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.Culver’s.Dunkin’ Donuts.Burger King.More items…•

How can I get my first job with no experience?

11 tips for getting a job without experienceEducate yourself. Take classes, attend workshops, get certificates and diplomas, and if you have to, earn a degree. … Start working (your way up) … Work the Network. … Let’s draw! … Become an expert in your field. … Pick people’s brains. … Have a good story to tell. … Revamp your CV.More items…

What is a good first job for a teenager?

Here are the best first jobs for teenagers, young adults, and students:Food Service Jobs. The food service industry is where many of us get our start. … Retail Jobs. … Camp Jobs. … Sitting Jobs. … Information Technology (IT) Jobs. … Teaching & Tutoring Jobs. … Freelance Jobs. … Creative Jobs.More items…•

Do any clothing stores hire at 14?

From clothing stores to food service locations, stores like Forever 21, Gap, JCPenney, Kroger, Panera Bread, and more hire teens to work in-store. Some clothing stores also hire models for their brand, primarily through modeling agencies like Future Faces NYC and Next Model Management.

Is McDonald’s a bad first job?

Straight-up, McDonald’s is a pretty awesome place to work. Whether it’s your first job ever, something to grab a little part-time cash, or a final stop on the career train, McDonald’s is an incredibly solid place to work.