How Do You Send Stuff To CeX?

What delivery does CeX use?

What couriers do CeX use to send out orders.

We use the following delivery services depending on the value of your order: Royal Mail Tracked 48 for all items valued under £150 and within Royal Mail&#…

My order has been dispatched but hasn’t arrived.

It usually takes just 3 to 5 working days for orders to arrive..

Can you get next day delivery on CeX?

All depends on the store. Some are next day, some same day, and some, especially franchises, take longer. CeX quote 3-5 days iirc for postage.

Do you need the charger to sell a phone to CeX?

Any items containing (SN) in the name must have the products original serial number, product number or activation code present. Phones, electronics and other hardware: All hardware items require all essential accessories such as; chargers, connectivity cables, dongles etc.

Is it free to post to CeX?

CeX provide two ways in which you can send us your items Free of Charge: Royal Mail Freepost (R48) Collect+

How much do CeX charge for postage?

Complete Entertainment Exchange aka “CEX” charge customers online £1.50 per item they buy, even if the items have been purchased in the same order.

Do CeX stores pay cash?

We have dedicated pricing team who set our buy-in prices. As with our selling prices they take into account market trends and various economic factors. … When selling items to any CeX store you can be paid by the following methods: CeX Voucher Cash Most stores can also offer payment via PayPal or Bank Tr…

Can you order online from CeX?

Absolutely! Our services on are still running, for both buying and selling however, due to an unprecedented online demand, there are some delays with both returns & selling to CeX online.

Do you need a box to sell to CeX?

In order to sell items to CeX online, you must be 16 years of age or older. … Do CeX buy items that no longer have their original box? We will buy most unboxed hardware, however we do not buy unboxed Optical Media (DVDs, Games, Blu-rays, CDs etc.).

How long does CeX take to test phones?

20minsCeX on Twitter: “@josie4444 The test time for phones is 20mins + charge time. However, this depends upon how busy the store is.”

How do I trade in stuff at CeX?

Exchange Membership If you want to trade-in or sell mobile phones or any IMEI’d device, you will need Full Membership. Exchange memberships can only be used to sell for a CeX voucher. To sell for cash you will need a full membership.

Can you reserve items at CeX?

Items can be reserved only for 24 hours. You can notify us a day prior your visit and we’ll check it with the store. Do let us know under who’s name we should reserve the Surface pro.

How does selling on CeX online work?

In store, you can be paid for selling your items in cash, by CeX vouchers or by bank transfer. The bank transfer will usually be paid into your within one working day. CeX online operates through In order to buy and sell on you need to create an account.

How can I get free delivery from CeX?

15% OFF cex free delivery & coupons June 2020 | Then go to and select the product you like to add to the shopping cart. Before payment, you can paste the code in the “Apply Discount Codes” input box. If the application is successful, you can find the shipping cost as “free” or “0”.

How do I use CeX?

CeX vouchers can be used in any CeX store or on How do I redeem my voucher online? Once you have added the items you wish to buy to the Basket, click on the Checkout button, you will see a summary of your order, then click Pay Now.

Do CeX take broken phones?

In addition to offering repairs in selected CeX stores nationwide and online through our CeX Clinic service, you can now sell your faulty phones to CeX online for cash or even more in CeX vouchers! Just look for the “Faulty Phones” section of the site.

How much do CeX employees get paid?

The average CeX salary ranges from approximately £12,088 per year for Sales Assistant to £22,616 per year for Store Manager. Average CeX hourly pay ranges from approximately £8.40 per hour for Team Supervisor to £8.88 per hour for Retail Supervisor.

How long does a CeX bank transfer take?

Once the store has processed the transaction, payment via Bank Transfer (FPS) is usually made to your account within 1 working day. If the order is processed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday then the payment should arrive in your account by Tuesday at the latest.

Do CeX vouchers expire?

CeX Vouchers do have an expiry date. However, there is no reason to be alarmed, as every voucher issued is valid for 1000 years and a week (not including promotional/competition vouchers). If you check the date on your voucher you will see it probably expires in the 31st Century, so there is nothing to worry about.