Is It Possible To Create A Nested Switch Statement?

What is the difference between nested IF and switch statement?

A switch statement is usually more efficient than a set of nested ifs.

Check the Testing Expression: An if-then-else statement can test expressions based on ranges of values or conditions, whereas a switch statement tests expressions based only on a single integer, enumerated value, or String object.


Is nested switch possible in C?

It is possible to have a switch as a part of the statement sequence of an outer switch. Even if the case constants of the inner and outer switch contain common values, no conflicts will arise.

Why do we use nested if statements?

Nested If in C Programming is placing If Statement inside another IF Statement. Nested If in C is helpful if you want to check the condition inside a condtion. If Else Statement prints different statements based on the expression result (TRUE, FALSE). Sometimes we have to check even further when the condition is TRUE.

What is a nested IF ELSE statement?

Nested If-else Statements Nesting means using one if-else construct within another one. … When a condition is true, then it will process the If block otherwise it will process an else block. In this case, the condition is true hence the If a block is executed and the value is printed on the output screen.

Can we use nested switch in Java?

We can use a switch statement inside another switch statement. This is known as the Nested switch-case statements in Java. The inner switch statement will be part of any case of an outer switch. The inner switch statement will be executed only if the outer switch statement condition is true.

Can we use if inside switch case?

In this case if it does, we declare the value variable to be equal to 2, and we break out of the loop. …

What is do while in C++?

The do/while loop is a variant of the while loop. This loop will execute the code block once, before checking if the condition is true, then it will repeat the loop as long as the condition is true.

What are selection statements in Java?

Java has three types of selection statements. The if statement either performs (selects) an action, if a condition is true, or skips it, if the condition is false. The switch statement is called a multiple-selection … …

Which keyword is used to come out of a loop only for that iteration?

Break keywordBreak keyword is used to come out of a loop only for a single iteration. It is a loop control statement that is used to terminate the loop. When we are not sure about the actual number of iterations for the loop or if we want to terminate the loop based on some condition.

What kind of statement is if statement?

An if statement is a programming conditional statement that, if proved true, performs a function or displays information. Below is a general example of an if statement, not specific to any particular programming language.

Are nested switch statements Bad?

Bad coding practice basically means that code is less readable than it could be. By nesting switch statements, you’re obfuscating your code. … By nesting switch statements, you’re obfuscating your code. That might be useful, but generally a really bad coding practice.

Can we use if else inside switch case?

As we can see, if / else statements are very similar to switch statements and vice versa. The default case block becomes an else block. The relationship between the expression and the case value in a switch statement is combined into if / else conditions in an if / else statement.

How do you write a switch statement in C++?

C++ switch statementThe expression used in a switch statement must have an integral or enumerated type, or be of a class type in which the class has a single conversion function to an integral or enumerated type.You can have any number of case statements within a switch.More items…

Can you use 2 IF statements in Excel?

It can be used as a worksheet function (WS) in Excel. … It is possible to nest multiple IF functions within one Excel formula. You can nest up to 7 IF functions to create a complex IF THEN ELSE statement. TIP: If you have Excel 2016, try the new IFS function instead of nesting multiple IF functions.