Question: Does Second Largest Need A Hyphen?

Does two thousand Need a hyphen?

Use a hyphen when writing two-word numbers from twenty-one to ninety-nine (inclusive) as words.

But don’t use a hyphen for hundreds, thousands, millions and billions..

Is two inch hyphenated?

After all, we don’t hyphenate phrases like “a hem of two inches.” In phrases like “a one-and-a-half-inch hem,” the noun hem is modified by a “number + noun” phrase: “one-and-a-half-inch,” which is therefore hyphenated, as we would hyphenate “two-inch hem.”

Should top 10 be hyphenated?

Only hyphenate a construction like “top 10″ if it’s lowercase and directly modifying a noun, like “he’s a top-10 quarterback.” Otherwise, it’s “He’s one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league.” If it follows the article “a,” that’s a good indication you need to hyphenate.

Is middle class hyphenated?

adjective + noun a high- quality alkylate a middle- class neighborhood the neighborhood is middle class Hyphenated before but not after a noun.

Does much needed have a hyphen?

“Much-needed” and “well-known” pop up quite a lot too, but note that these are hyphenated only when (1) appearing directly before the noun described or (2) following a form of the verb “to be.”

Is year old hyphenated?

When to Hyphenate Year Old “Year old” should be hyphenated when it modifies a noun that follows it. That is, when the phrase is describing the age of a person, place, or thing, and it precedes that noun in a sentence, then it should be written as year-old.

Should second best be hyphenated?

no hyphen. If the dictionary lists both, then the hyphen is optional. I prefer using it in the adjective second-best. Anonymous I know you should use the second largest car.

How do you say second best?

Synonyms for second to best.nothing special.second-rate.

Does high class have a hyphen?

ANALYSIS: Though dictionaries vary in content, most list middle class, upper class, and lower class as hyphenated when each is used as a compound adjective. Thus, with middle class modifying the noun, family, it’s written as: middle-class family.

Is Joy filled hyphenated?

joy-filled Definitely a hyphen-necessary adjective ! When in doubt, change the syntax: I wish you a birthday filled with joy!

Is best known hyphenated?

The meaning of “well-known” is therefore well known (Chicago drops the hyphen for most compound adjectives after the noun). So “the most well-known author” arguably loses just a little by being changed to “the best-known author.” “Best-known” is OK, but it isn’t in Merriam-Webster.

Is twenty first hyphenated?

Hyphenate compound cardinal and ordinal numerals from twenty-one (twenty-first) to ninety-nine (ninety-ninth) when they are written out: There are twenty-nine members on the committee.