Question: What Is Another Word For Treat?

What is another word for creepy?

What is another word for creepy?eeriescaryterrifyingawfulchillingeerymacabrenightmarishsinisterdisturbing230 more rows.

What does it mean if you call someone a snack?

A snack is an attractive person and if you’re better than a snack, you’re a whole meal! …

What is another word for treated badly?

What is another word for treat badly?abusebatterinjuremaltreatmistreatmolestmanhandleill-usemishandlebully127 more rows

Which is the best synonym for delight?

nounpleasure, happiness, joy, joyfulness, glee, gladness, gratification, relish, excitement, amusement.bliss, rapture, ecstasy, elation, euphoria.transports of delight.humorous delectation.rare jouissance.

What is the opposite word of delight?

Antonyms for delight dismay, hatred, pain, dislike, discontent, unhappiness, depression, hate, disappointment, sadness, misery, sorrow, trouble, melancholy, dissatisfaction.

What are synonyms for focused?

focusedconcentrated, concentrating, attentive, absorbed, engrossed, fascinated, enthralled, enrapt, rapt, earnest, intense, studious, fixed, steady, steadfast, occupied, preoccupied, wrapped up, alert, watchful, observant.determined, resolved, firm, committed, single-minded.inflexible, obsessive, obsessed, fanatical, fixated.

What does Snack mean sexually?

Snack was black slang for a “small penis” in the 1970s and gay slang for “male genitalia” in the 1980s. But, in the 2000s, snack emerges as slang for an attractive person (i.e., someone who looks sexy enough to scarf down like a snack).

What is the synonym of stalking?

creep up on, trail, follow, shadow, track down, go after, be after, dog, hound, course, hunt, pursue, chase, give chase to, run after. informal tail. 2’without another word she turned and stalked out’ SYNONYMS. strut, stride, march, flounce, storm, stomp, sweep, swagger, prance.

What is the biblical definition of delight?

In this context he one who ‘delights in the Lord’ is someone who will have desires that conform to God’s will for their lives. Taking delight in the Lord means that our hearts truly find peace and fulfillment in Him.

What means delighted?

English Language Learners Definition of delighted : made very happy : full of great pleasure or satisfaction. See the full definition for delighted in the English Language Learners Dictionary. delighted. adjective. de·​light·​ed | \ di-ˈlī-təd \

What is another word for spying?

What is another word for spying?espionageinfiltrationeavesdroppingreconnaissancecounter-espionagecyberespionageintelligencesurveillancewiretappingbugging159 more rows

What are two other terms that can be used to mean the same as imprisoned?

Synonyms & Antonyms of imprisonedapprehended,arrested,captive,captured,caught,confined,incarcerated,interned,More items…

Is it Specialise or specialize?

“Specialize” – with a “z” – is the American English spelling. “Specialise” – with an “s” – is the British English spelling.

What does specialize mean?

verb (used without object), spe·cial·ized, spe·cial·iz·ing. to pursue some special line of study, work, etc.; have a specialty: The doctor specializes in gastroenterology. Biology. (of an organism or one of its organs) to be adapted to a special function or environment.

Is Snack a compliment?

Good question, it’s a compliment. Do you have a favorite snack food? … Even though in that case usually you graduate from “snack” to “full course meal”.

Whats another word for specializes?

Specialize Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for specialize?concentratefocusdo one’s thinggo in forhave a weakness forlimit oneself topractice exclusivelystudy intensivelywork in4 more rows

When a guy says you’re a snack?

It could mean that he is attracted to you which would be more likely if he only says it to you and if he shows other signs of attraction around you. He might also have been joking, trying to cheer you up or doing it to see your reaction. Calling a woman a snack is similar to saying that she looks hot/attractive.

What is the word for singling someone out?

“She was singled out for her outstanding performance” Synonyms: discriminate, separate. discriminate, separate, single out(verb) treat differently on the basis of sex or race.

How do you say something is unfair?

Synonymsunfair. adjective. not fair or reasonable.unjust. adjective. an unjust decision, judgment, or action is not fair or reasonable, or is not done according to accepted legal or moral standards.unequal. adjective. … unreasonable. adjective. … one-sided. adjective. … arbitrary. adjective. … biased. adjective. … wrongful. adjective.More items…

What is the feeling of being treated unfairly?

Being treated unfairly is a nasty feeling. It feels pretty horrible to be taken advantage of publicly. Even if you did something wrong to cause the poor treatment, you won’t feel any better while you’re being shamed. The secret to making it through that experience is to just be “you”.

What is another name for Treat?

What is another word for treat?doctornurseapply treatment togive medical treatment togive treatment tocare forprescribe medicine fortake care ofcureheal10 more rows