Question: Why Are My Sons Contacts Appearing On My Phone?

Why are my contacts on my sons iPhone?

This will happen if you are sharing the same iCloud account and are both syncing contacts with iCloud.

When you do this, you contacts are merged and will appear on both phones.

First, be sure to NOT delete your contacts from her phone.

If you do, they will also be deleted from your phone and you will lose them..

How do I stop my email contacts appearing on my phone?

Android: Go into Settings > Cloud and Accounts > Accounts (or Settings > Accounts for Android 9 and higher) and turn off Sync Contacts and Sync Calendar for all accounts except the one that houses your master cloud-based address book and calendar. This will not remove the contacts from your phone.

Why did my phone get rid of my contacts?

How did this happen? The most common cause of losing your contacts is from upgrading your mobile’s operating system. Whether your phone runs on iOS, Android or Nokia’s Symbian, the manufacturer will send out intermittent software updates to refresh the phone with the latest features.

How do I get my sons contacts off my iPhone?

Just turn Contacts on or off for that account:Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts.Tap the account that has contacts that you want to add or remove.To add contacts, turn on Contacts. To remove contacts, turn off Contacts, then tap Delete from My iPhone.

Why do I have my husbands contacts on my iPhone?

The common reason to this usually occurring is mainly because there is one appleID being used and signed into over two or more devices thus having contacts synced to the device. Basically, when the appleID is signed into on your husband’s device, the contacts from.

How do I separate my phone from my iPhone?

Sign in with a different Apple ID to create your new account. Choose, Merge, to upload your data. Once you are on separate accounts, you can each go to and delete the other person’s data from your account. The above was created by the user, randers4.

How do I stop sharing contacts on iPhone?

Go into the settings>icloud on the iPhone and select to turn off contacts it will ask you if you want to keep or delete the contacts select keep then you can edit the contacts on the iPhone.

Why are my contacts showing up on my son’s phone?

Most probable chance is that you are logged in to a google account in your phone. … Both of he phones has turned on the automatic contact sync. This is one of the amazing feature in Android, so when you lose your phone at-least you don’t lose your connections. Change the settings, check it in accounts and sync.