Question: Why Did The FBI Stop Using 10mm?

Can I shoot 40 in a 10mm?


The .

40 S&W is identical to the 10mm save for length.

All modern autopistols save for the FiveseveN use “controlled feed” where the cartridge rim is pushed up “under” or “behind” the extractor hook during the feed cycle..

Is 10mm more powerful than 40?

The larger and faster 10mm will give 624 foot-pounds of muzzle energy when sending a 180-grain bullet at 1,250 fps, while the . 40 S&W drops that figure to 400 foot-pounds with its 1,000 fps velocity, making for a rather significant difference.

Is 10mm too powerful for self defense?

The 10mm is controversial in the self-defense role. The 10mm propels a 40 caliber bullet about 180 grains at between 1200-1400 feet per second, rivaling or surpassing the 357 Magnum revolver cartridge depending on your load. Thus, there is something of a bias against the 10mm as being too powerful for defensive use.

Will a 10mm kill a grizzly bear?

The Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recommended that a big game outfitting company “evaluate its training policy on bear spray use” after a grizzly bear killed one of its hunting guides.

Is a 10mm more powerful than a 357 magnum?

10mm vs. 357 Magnum is a powerful cartridge, but in this case it takes a narrow 2nd place to the 10mm Auto. 10mm generally packs higher muzzle energies thanks in large part to the larger bullets. Even with similar bullets, however, it appears the 10mm does slightly better.

Which is stronger 44 mag or 10mm?

44 mag has bigger diameter bullets, heavier bullets, faster bullets – therefore it’s more effective than the 10mm !!

Should I buy a 10mm pistol?

If you can handle the heat, definitely stay in this kitchen. If a little added recoil doesn’t turn you off, a 10mm caliber pistol is the right choice. As a hunting or range-shooting firearm, it’s precise, effective and packs a wallop. Check out to purchase your next round of 10mm.

What handgun can kill a grizzly bear?

The Glock 20 chambered in 10mm has become a popular carry choice in bear country. photo from The author carries a Glock 17 in 9mm or a Ruger in . 357 Mag, and says, when it comes to handguns and bears, what matters is getting the most hits on target in the shortest amount of time.

How bad is 10mm recoil?

Shooting the 10mm is an intense experience, like shooting a Magnum revolver. Unlike a . 45 ACP that gives the hands a strong but smooth shove, the 10mm gives you all its recoil at once, in a sharper, more insistent slap against the hands. The “grin per shot” factor is very high at the range.

Do police use 10mm?

While the FBI no longer uses 10mm handguns, what it learned following the Miami shootout and subsequent testing of the 10mm and . 40 S&W influenced today’s 9mm ammunition and handguns.

The FBI Dropped The 10mm For Good Reasons Why? First, some agents had problems shooting the 10mm due to the stout recoil of the original 10mm load. … So…not as many shooters can handle 10mm, and it turns out . 40 S&W is a capable defense caliber without the punishing recoil or having to use a larger handgun.

What has more stopping power .45 or 10mm?

Stopping Power The low velocity and heavy weight of the . 45 and the high velocity, low weight of the 10mm both make for powerful shots. If you’re looking for speed, 10mm will have you covered. The 10mm has a faster velocity and energy than the .

Does 10mm have stopping power?

The 10mm Auto was developed by Jeff Cooper in the early 1980’s, and it’s initial development gained a lot of press though. It was a pistol cartridge that provided better trajectory and range than the . 45 ACP but provides more stopping power than the 9mm and other . 40 cals.

How far will a 10mm kill?

10mm is a very flat shooting cartridge that has minimal drop out to 100 yards. It has almost no drop with a good 180-grain load. The single action trigger is short, light and smooth which aids in reducing trigger pull induced errors.

Is 10mm big enough for bear?

Some people consider it almost sacrilegious to recommend a semi-automatic handgun chambered in 10mm Auto as a bear-defense gun. However, the 10mm Auto is no slouch: it will absolutely do the trick if you place your shots properly. The Glock 20 has several big advantages that make it a great bear-defense gun.

What is the most powerful 10mm ammo?

The best 10mm ammo for protection and hunting:Hornady 175-grain Critical Duty.Speer 200-grain Gold Dot.SIG Sauer 180-grain V-Crown.Federal 180-grain Hydra Shok.Federal 180-grain Trophy Bonded JSP.Buffalo Bore Heavy Outdoorsman 220 grain.Hornady 180-grain XTP.Underwood Ammo 150-grain Xtreme Hunter.More items…•

Is a 10mm more powerful than a 45?

So, as you can see, the 10mm isn’t as big around, but generates more than 1.5 times the chamber pressure of the . 45 ACP. This means bullets go faster! … 45 ACP load is 230 grains compared to the standard 180 grain projectile in 10mm.

Will a 12 gauge slug kill a grizzly bear?

Sure. At close range, 12 gauge shotgun slug will kill just about any animal that ever walked the Earth. … 12 gauge pump shotguns are preferred bear defense guns by many knowledgeable people living in areas with high grizzly densities. They are definitely adequate grizzly defense guns.

What is 10mm ammo comparable to?

45 ACP has at the muzzle. The 10mm outperforms the . 40 S&W by 270–300 ft/s (82–91 m/s) for similar bullet weights when using available full power loads, as opposed to the “10mm FBI” level loads still found in some ammunition catalogs.

Is a 10mm good for bear protection?

Big-bore revolvers with heavy-for-caliber, flat-nosed, non-expanding bullets do that very well. Cartridges designed for defense against human predators do not. The 10mm auto with the best 220-grain hard-cast bullet has a pathetic 703 foot-pounds of energy.