Quick Answer: Does Konami Own Silent Hill?

Does Konami still own Silent Hill?

Silent Hills is a cancelled survival horror video game developed by Kojima Productions for the PlayStation 4.

In April 2015, Konami announced that the game had been canceled, a move that was criticized by journalists and fans of the franchise.

Kojima, del Toro, and Reedus later reunited for the game Death Stranding..

Is Silent Hill dead?

UPDATE: Konami confirms Silent Hills cancelled. UPDATE 27/04/2015: Konami has confirmed Silent Hills has been cancelled. In a brief statement, Konami said development on the game had ceased.

Is Silent Hill real?

While the environment of Silent Hill seems as though it could only exist in nightmares, it is actually a very real place with a devastating history. The town of Silent Hill, West Virginia is actually Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Who owns the Metal Gear franchise?

KonamiThe series’ longtime creative director, Hideo Kojima, is officially no longer an employee of Konami — and Konami owns the rights to the “Metal Gear” name, characters, and everything else.

Can I play Silent Hill on PC?

fans release remake for PC. You can now play P.T. on the PC. Fans remade Konami’s “playable teaser” for Silent Hills using the Unreal Engine toolkit and released it for free.

Are Silent Hill 1 and 2 connected?

There are no direct story line references. Silent Hill 2 was more or less a jumping off point from the established location of Silent Hill in Silent Hill 1. … There’s only one true instance where the game, but not the story, directly references Silent Hill 1, and that’s. But, that’s just an easter egg of sorts.

What’s the story behind Silent Hill?

The game follows Harry Mason as he searches for his missing adopted daughter in the eponymous fictional American town of Silent Hill; stumbling upon a cult conducting a ritual to revive a deity it worships, he discovers her true origin.

When was the last Silent Hill game?

2012As a reminder, the last major installment of the series — Silent Hill: Downpour — was released in 2012. Kojima then announced that he was taking over the Konami-owned franchise with the 2014 release of P.T., an extremely popular demo of what was eventually supposed to be a full-length game titled Silent Hills.

Who created Silent Hill?

Keiichiro ToyamaSilent Hill/Designers

Does Sony Own Silent Hill?

Sony has reportedly expressed interest in acquiring the creative rights to the Metal Gear, Silent Hills, and Castlevania licenses from Konami, with plans for Kojima Productions to make new games in the former two franchises, according to a newly surfaced rumour.

Why Silent Hill 2 is the best?

Silent Hill 2 has been praised for its grotesque and unnerving atmosphere, its intriguing and mysterious characters, its insanely effective and emotional soundtrack and most importantly – its dark and brutal, yet somehow beautiful story.

Is Centralia still burning 2020?

The Centralia mine fire is a coal-seam fire that has been burning underneath the borough of Centralia, Pennsylvania, United States, since at least May 27, 1962. Its original cause is still a matter of debate. … At its current rate, it could continue to burn for over 250 years.

Why is Silent Hill cursed?

The name of that town is Silent Hill. Although it is known as a scenic resort area, it is a cursed place where the town’s former inhabitants were once driven away, brutal executions were once carried out, and a mysterious plague was once prevalent.

Can you drive through Centralia PA?

Rt 54, Rt 61 and Rt 42 all pass through the town and are open to traffic. Hundreds if not thousands pass this way daily. So entering Centralia is legal and it is not closed off to the public. However most of the properties that had been acquired by the Commonwealth of PA are owned by the state.

Where is the real Silent Hill located?

CentraliaA little over a week ago, I had the opportunity to visit the now-infamous town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. Centralia was a rather run-of-the-mill town in Pennsylvania’s coal region throughout much of its history. Things took a dramatic change in 1962.

Did James kill Mary?

Some SH2 players come to the conclusion that James didn’t love Mary and killed her out of self interest, but others believe that James did truly love her, that the murder was a mercy killing, and that he merely convinced himself that he killed her for purely selfish reasons out of the overwhelming guilt he feels.

Why can’t the Centralia fire be put out?

4) Q: Can the Centralia Mine Fire be put out? A: Most experts believe that with a very large and very expensive effort the Centralia Mine Fire could be excavated or otherwise extinguished. However, the cost for this type of project is currently beyond the capacity of Pennsylvania’s AML Program to address.

Does anybody still live in Centralia Pennsylvania?

Final Centralia, Pa., residents can live out lives in town atop burning mine. … The few remaining residents of a Pennsylvania coal town that was largely razed in the 1980s because of an underground mine fire that still burns today have gotten their wish — to be left alone, free to live out their lives there.