Quick Answer: What Is Golden Revolution?

What is the silver revolution?

Silver revolution is a process of spectacular increase in the production of eggs as well as poultry production.

This process was achieved by using hybrid cocks as well as hens and application applied science to promote the egg production..

Who is called the father of Indian planning?

Mokshagundam VishweswaraiahFather of Indian Economic Planning is Mokshagundam Vishweswaraiah better known as M. Vishweswaraiah.

How many green revolution are there in India?

The Green Revolution, spreading over the period from1967/68 to 1977/78, changed India’s status from a food-deficient country to one of the world’s leading agricultural nations. Until 1967 the government largely concentrated on expanding the farming areas.

Who is the father of Golden Revolution in India?

Nirpakh TutajListFieldPersonEpithetMedicineDurgesh Patelfather of Pink Revolution in India.Agriculture / HoricutureIndira Gandhimother of Silver Revolution .AgricultureNirpakh Tutajfather of Gold Revolution.Agriculture / HoricutureSam Pitrodafather of Yellow Revolution .25 more rows

Who started golden revolution?

Nirpakh TutejImportant Revolutions in IndiaS.NoRevolutionFather of Revolutions3Blue RevolutionMr. Dr.Arun Krishnan4Golden RevolutionMr. Nirpakh Tutej5Silver RevolutionMrs. Indira Gandhi6Yellow RevolutionMr. Sam Pitroda12 more rows•Sep 12, 2020

Which is the period of Golden Revolution?

1991 to 2003The period between 1991 to 2003 is known as the period of Golden Revolution in India. The Golden revolution is related to the production of honey and horticulture. It is a part of the important agricultural revolutions of India.

What is the difference between Green Revolution and White Revolution?

The Green Revolution is the programme started in India and other developing countries to increase the production of wheat and rice and become self-sufficient. On the other hand, White Revolution or Operation Flood is an association with the objective of increasing milk production in India.

What is white revolution class 12?

White revolution made India self-dependent in milk production and through this India became the world’s number one milk producing country. Dr Verghese Kurien is the father of the White Revolution in India. National dairy development board launched this Operation flood to increase the production of milk.

What is brown revolution?

In a nutshell, the Brown Revolution consists of sequestering massive amounts of carbon by bringing holistic management to the world’s arid grasslands. “It has to be done on a freaking massive scale,” Howell says, “so it’s going to require huge flows of capital to make it work.

What is meant by Blue Revolution?

Blue Revolution is the water equivalent of the green revolution and primarily refers to the management of water resources that can steer humanity to achieve drinking water and crop irrigation security. The phrase became a buzzword during the Third World Water Forum in Tokyo.

WHO has started green revolution in India?

Norman BorlaugMainly led by agricultural scientist M. S. Swaminathan in India, this period was part of the larger Green revolution endeavor initiated by Norman Borlaug, which leveraged agricultural research and technology to increase agricultural productivity in the developing world.

What is golden Revolution Class 12?

The rapid growth in the production of the horticultural crops such as fruits, vegetables, tuber crops, flowers, etc. is known as Golden Revolution. It led to increase in the production, especially, of rice and wheat. It led to increase in production of fruits, vegetables, flowers, aromatic plants, spices, etc.

What was yellow revolution?

The revolution launched in 1986- 1987 to increase the production of edible oil, especially mustard and sesame seeds to achieve self-reliance is known as the Yellow Revolution. … Yellow Revolution targets nine oilseeds that are groundnut, mustard, soybean, safflower, sesame, sunflower, niger, linseed, and castor.

What is the difference between green revolution and golden revolution?

Green Revolution made India self-sufficient in the production of foodgrains. Golden Revolution made India a world leader in the production of mangoes, bananas, coconut and spices. Green Revolution provided food security and raised agricultural incomes.

Who is the father of Blue Revolution?

Hiralal ChaudhuriIt was launched in India during the seventh Five-year plan (1985-1990) when the Central Government sponsored the Fish Farmers Development Agency (FFDA). Dr. Hiralal Chaudhuri and Dr. Arun Krishnsnan known as Father of Blue revolution.

Who is the father of all revolution?

M.S. SwaminathanList of Important Revolutions in IndiaSL NoName of the RevolutionFather of the Revolution1Green RevolutionM.S. Swaminathan2White Revolution or Operation floodDr. Varghese Kurien3Blue RevolutionDr. Arun Krishnan, and Dr. Harilal Chaudhari4Golden RevolutionNirpakh Tutaj12 more rows•Feb 5, 2021

What are types of revolution?

Gk – Color Revolutions in IndiaRevolutionsRelated toInitiatorBrown RevolutionLeather, CocoaN/AGrey RevolutionFertilizerN/AGreen RevolutionAgricultureNorman Borlaugm (in Mexico – first in the world & M.S. Swaminathan (in India)White RevolutionMilk (Dairy Farming)Verghese Kurien10 more rows

When was Green Revolution started?

1960sThe Green Revolution in India was initiated in the 1960s by introducing high-yielding varieties of rice and wheat to increase food production in order to alleviate hunger and poverty.

Who is father of India?

Mahatma GandhijiMahatma Gandhiji is revered in India as the Father of the Nation. Much before the Constitution of Free India conferred the title of the Father of the Nation upon the Mahatma, it was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who first addressed him as such in his condolence message to the Mahatma on the demise of Kasturba.

How many Revolution are there?

List Of Revolutions in IndiaBlack RevolutionRelated with Petroleum ProductionSilver RevolutionRelated with Egg ProductionWhite RevolutionRelated with Dairy, Milk ProductionYellow RevolutionRelated with Oil Seed ProductionRound RevolutionRelated with Potato11 more rows

Who is the mother of India?

ListNameNationTitle (translation)Mother of the Nation of IndiaIndiaMother of the NationMiss. Fatima JinnahPakistanMother of the Nation/Leader of Pakistani Women RightsWinnie Madikizela-MandelaSouth AfricaMother of the NationQueen Elizabeth The Queen MotherUnited KingdomMother of the Nation, The Queen Mother2 more rows