What Does Scrutiny Mean?

What’s another word for scrutiny?

What is another word for scrutiny?inspectionstudyscansearchsurveyanalysisauditexaminationexplorationinvestigation207 more rows.

What is the verb form of scrutiny?

transitive verb. : to examine closely and minutely. intransitive verb. : to make a scrutiny.

What is ethical scrutiny?

The point about ethical review is to debate openly the costs and benefits of conducting research dependent on both the topic and the technique. … Ethical scrutiny will continue to grow.

How do you use scrutiny?

Scrutiny sentence examplesToo aware of his scrutiny, she cleared her throat and pretended to read the iPad. … His scrutiny came back to her face and he smiled. … She checked her weapons with scrutiny that would’ve made her father proud and dressed in dark clothing loose enough for her to fight.More items…

What does the word scrutiny means?

1 : a searching study, inquiry, or inspection : examination. 2 : a searching look. 3 : close watch : surveillance.

Is scrutiny a negative word?

Scrutiny isn’t a negative word; however, a lot depends on the connotation of a word in a sentence.

What devoid means?

: being without a usual, typical, or expected attribute or accompaniment —used with ofan argument devoid of sensea landscape devoid of life.

What is critical scrutiny?

critical scrutiny (=when something is examined and judged or criticized)Their work is in the public domain and open to critical scrutiny.

What is public scrutiny?

If a person or thing is under scrutiny, they are being studied or observed very carefully.

What does it mean to be under scrutiny?

formal. : being carefully examined especially in a critical way Their behavior is under scrutiny again.

What is the opposite of scrutiny?

Opposite of careful examination or scrutiny. ignorance. neglect. negligence. disregard.

What are the 3 levels of scrutiny?

Our infographic outlines the three most common points on the spectrum (Rational-Basis, Intermediate Scrutiny, and Strict Scrutiny). The Supreme Court has found the following situations to correspond to these levels of scrutiny.

What is another word for pressure?

What is another word for pressure?forceloadencumbranceshearsqueezestrengthphysical forceattractionpulldownward force6 more rows

What is meant by by?

(Entry 1 of 5) 1 : in proximity to : near standing by the window. 2a : into the vicinity of and beyond : past went right by him. b : through or through the medium (see medium entry 1 sense 2) of : via enter by the door.