What Is The Meaning Of Several?

How many is several?

By definition, several means three or more (but often less than many, which we will cover next.) So, if several party-goers out of a group of nine were intoxicated, several could correctly be translated as three or four.

If five party-goers were intoxicated, that would usually be stated as most..

What is the meaning of several in English?

being more than two but fewer than many in number or kind: several ways of doing it. respective; individual: They went their several ways. separate; different: several occasions.

What is the use of several?

Several is used to refer to an imprecise number of people or things that is not large but is greater than two. I had lived two doors away from this family for several years. Several blue plastic boxes under the window were filled with record albums. Several hundred students gathered on campus.

Where does several come from?

Several comes from a word meaning “existing apart.” Before it came to mean “more than one” (about 1530), it was used with the meanings “separate, various, diverse, different.”

How much is several sentences?

Usually, several means about 3 – 5. When you have less than that, it would be better to say one, two, or a couple. Even though a couple does not always strictly mean that there is only two, most of the time that is how it is used. A little bit more than that and you can say several.

What is the difference between several and many?

“Several” is used to mean more than “some” but less than “many.” Again, there is no exact number. The dictionary says it means more than a few but not a great number. … “Many,” like the other words, has no exact number associated with it.

What is another word for several?

What is another word for several?variousnumerousvariedmiscellaneouslegionassorteddifferentmyriadmultiplemixed199 more rows

What several days mean?

Several meaning a week a few meaning 2-3 days.

Is many more than several?

A: “Several” is used to mean more than “some” but less than “many.” Again, there is no exact number. The dictionary says it means more than a few but not a great number.

What is the difference between few and some?

“Few” and ”some” are words that indicate a vague or indefinite number that is part of a whole. Although they both pertain to an indefinite number, they modify plural nouns or objects. 2. “Few” indicates a number that is less than five, while “some” implies a number equal to or greater than five.

What is the meaning of several people?

several Add to list Share. Two is a “couple” and more than two or three is several. If you eat four donuts you can say you had several but you may have had too many — especially if you get a stomach-ache.

How many is several months?

How many months is “a few months”? In American English, “a few” would be between three and five. If it were only two (or perhaps three), we’d say “a couple”. “Several” would probably be about five to seven or eight.

What is the meaning of several months?

Several months means many months..may be 5-6 or more months. Some months can be 2-3 months.. A few months can be 1-2months…Actually this is not a scale to measure those words..

What is the meaning of several weeks?

more than a fewa more than a few; an indefinite small number.

How many is a few days?

A “few” typically refers to the vicinity of 3 to 7 of something. A few days would be longer than a couple (two) but shorter than a week (seven). So the time duration could range from three to six days and still be classified as a few.

Why does several not mean seven?

Seven comes from one of the northern countries. You can see that in that seven in Norwegian is sju, in German its sieben, etc. Several on the other hand comes from latin. … The word “seven” doesn’t come from the Germanic language group (Norwegian and German are both from this group, as is English).

How many is several hours?

So two or three hours means a few hours, and six, twelve or fifteen hours means several.

How do you use several times?

She phoned him several times but he was too busy to return her call. 43. I have been hooked in for a film, which I have seen for several times.