Who Is The Topper Of JEE Main 2020?

Is 6000 a good rank in JEE Advanced?

Every year lakh of candidates qualify for the examination, but only top 2,45,000 gets to apply for it and only few have the privilege to sit for the JEE Advanced Counselling….Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.CategoryCut Off Ranks (In the General Merit List)OBC (NCL)Rank 1-6000Rank 5001-80006 more rows•Oct 5, 2020.

What rank is 98 percentile in JEE mains?

Expected JEE Main Percentile Vs Rank 2021Percentile Scores (NTA Score)Expected Rank1001998746+9817,490+9726,235+18 more rows•Apr 9, 2021

Is 98 percentile good in JEE mains?

According to it, the scores are arranged in merit. I got 281 marks in JEE Main. What will be my Percentile? It is 99.96+ percentile, it’s a really good performance and you should be able to get under AIR 100.

Is MIT better than IIT?

IIT is the best option for students looking forward to make a career in Science and Technology by staying in India. MIT is well known for its courses across the globe. Therefore, if you are considering study abroad and have an academic profile which is suitable for MIT then there is no better option than that!

Can I get nit with 99 percentile?

99 percentile is a great score and you have a high chance of getting into top NITs.

Who topped JEE Advanced 2020?

Chirag FalorChirag Falor of IIT Bombay zone is the top ranker in Common Rank List (CRL) in JEE (Advanced) 2020. He obtained 352 marks out of 396 marks.

Is 99 percentile good in JEE mains?

Scoring 99 percentile in jee mains like competitive exams is a very good performance. Due to High competition, your rank will be approx. 11k on this percentile. For getting seats into the NITs, your jee mains scores must be more than 97 percentile for general candidate.

What is the pass mark for JEE Main 2020?

JEE Main Passing Marks 2020 Passing marks for JEE Main SC: The expected marks required to pass JEE Mains is 54. JEE Main OBC Passing mark: For this category, the JEE Main expected minimum marks to pass is 74. Qualifying marks for JEE Main ST: Students are required to score a minimum mark of 44.

Is 70 percentile good in JEE mains?

Tech admission process is on the basis of JEE Main score, and chances of getting admission are high for a percentile range of 60 to 70. Candidates will need to participate in the state-level counselling process to secure admission.

What if I fail in JEE mains?

Steps To Take If You Fail To Clear JEE Main Besides, there is a huge competition and among the lakhs of students who appear for the exam, only a few are able to clear the exam. So if you are one of those candidates who failed to qualify the exam there is no need to get disappointed.

Is 82 percentile good in JEE mains?

In order to secure admission in NITs through JEE Main, the good score for the same can be around 85-95 percentile. At the same time, the candidates must feature among the top 15,000 – 20,000 ranks range to get admission in the top NITs.

Which IIT can I get with 10000 rank?

IITs for 5,000 to 10,000 Rank Holders in JEE Advanced 2021Name of the IITName of BranchExpected Closing RankIndian Institute of Technology, RoorkeeChemistry (5 Years)10,541Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) DhanbadChemical Engineering8743Civil Engineering8895Engineering Physics848480 more rows•Jan 21, 2021

Is 96 percentile good in JEE mains?

After the declaration of the JEE Main result, the most common question, which arises in the candidates’ mind is which college they will get based on the percentile/score obtained by them….Colleges/Branch for JEE Main 96 Percentile.RoundClosing Rank 20192426083431091 more row•Feb 25, 2021

Who got highest marks in JEE Mains 2020?

JEE Main 2020 Toppers (100 Percentile)SNOAPPLICATION NOCANDIDATE NAME1200310012227NISARG CHADHA2200310032843GURKIRAT SINGH3200310041891DIVYANSHU AGARWAL4200310065452LANDA JITENDRA20 more rows

Who got air 1 in JEE Mains 2020?

Chirag FalorIIT Delhi has released the Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) result and Chirag Falor has secured All India Rank (AIR 1). The Pune boy is Bal Shakti Puraskar awardee — the highest award for Indian civilians under the age of 18.